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PHILIP FLANDERS 3RD - Will the REAL Philip 3rd please stand up???

Steven Flanders (a Puritan) is the first recorded Flanders in America.  He arrived at Salisbury, Massachusetts before 8 March 1646 - as the first record of him is the birth of his son on that date.  He was not in Salisbury in 1640 when a complete list of inhabitants was made.

It appears that he married Jane Sandusky prior to arriving in Salisbury, and that their daughter, Mary, was born elsewhere.  There are no listings on any ships of his name sailing to America, but it is common for people who were escaping the reign of King Charles I to use an assumed name.

After 1643 more Puritans returned to England than came to America because things had settled down and they were more safe from religious persecution.

Salisbury was the most northern of the 30 Massachusetts Bay Colonies - located 40 miles along the sea coast above Boston.

Several documents were signed by Steven Flanders, and he would not have been allowed to sign documents unless he was a Puritan.  Some were church documents and also the Oath of Fidelity to Cromwell's Puritan Commonwealth in 1651, 2 years after the beheading of King Charles.

18 February 1650 a general meeting was held and Steven Flanders was made a townsman on condition that he constantly keep the town herd of cows.  At that time there were only 1300 cattle in New England for a population of 20,000 people, and their value had risen to great heights.  After a few years with this responsibility he turned to having a plantation of his own.

"Pioneers of Massachusetts" (by Pope) lists Stephen Flanders as PLANTER OF THE PLANTATION OF SALISBURY.  In those times a man who owned much property outside of a city was termed a "Planter".  Steven was not a rich man, but he was steadily a prosperous man, buying and selling real estate until 4 years prior to his death.

Steven died 27 June 1684, shortly after the death of Jane (19 November 1683).  There appears to be  a talent for public service in the blood lines of the Flanders family, as four of his descendants were governors of States of Territories, there were Generals in the US army, judges, congressmen and senators, revolutionary patriots, minister to France, secretary of War, etc.

At his death his estate of about 30 pounds of sterling was divided into 5 pounds for each of his 6 living children - thus he left his children well provided for.  He had given a substantial dowry to his daughter Sarah and had set up his 2 oldest sons on separate farms (with cows, horses, swine, sheep, meadowland, pastures).

(1)  Mary        Birthdate and place unknown.  Died 4 May 1650 (child)
(2)  Stephen    Born 6 March 1646.  Married Abigail Carter
(3)  Mary        Born 7 May 1650.  Married ________Feavor
(4)  Philip       Born 14 July 1652.  Married Martha Eaton Collins
(5)  Sarah        Born 5 November 1654.  Married John Newhall
(6)  Naomi      Born 15 December 1656.  Married __Darling, (2) Benjamin Eastman
(7)  John         Born 11 February 1659.  Married Elizabeth Sargent

Child #4, Philip, married Martha Eaton, widow of Benjamin Collins.  They had no children of their own but he raised her two sons (John and Benjamin Collins).  Philip was a huge blessing to each of his siblings throughout the years, as well as a very respected man in the community.  Thus, many people were named after him ... thus causing the problem with 5 lines of PHILIP 3RD (grandfather to Collins Eastman Flanders) that can possibly be our genealogy line.  I AM LOOKING FOR ANY DOCUMENTATION:

From the book :Descendants of Stephen Flanders (1932) by Ellery Kirke Taylor


For 15+ years I have been mapping the huge family of Steven Flanders and Jane (Sandusky) to find which Phillip Flanders 3rd is the father of Collins Eastman Flanders.  There are 4+ possible lines with Philip 3rd.  Steven and Jane had 7 children.  Child #4 Philip (married to Martha Eaton Collins) didn't have children of his own, but was very successful and helped many family members - thus many named their sons Philip to honor him.
           1.       Steven and Jane Flanders’ Child #1 (Steven Flanders b.8 Jan 1646) had 11 children, the 8th named Philip (m to Joanna Smith) had 7 children (pg 45-47 Flanders Family book). They moved to Warner, NH with brother Daniel (History of Warner pg 85). Their 2nd child was named Philip Jr (m to Hannah Morrill) had 8 children.  Their 5th named Philip 3rd (pg 76-77 Flanders Family book).  He was born 22 Jun 1746 (pg 144 Flanders Family Book) and married Jemima Bennett.  The 1790 Census shows them with 2 children:  Anna (8 May 1777) and Philip (24 Jun 1780).  If this Philip married Eunice Eastman in May 1796 he would have been 16 years old and her 20 years old.  PROBABLY NOT due to his age.  However, the location (Warner) is accurate. (Purple line on my chart)

 2.       Steven and Jane Flanders’ Child #7 (Corporal John Flanders b.11 Dec 1658) had 9 children (m to Elizabeth Sargeant) pg 50-53 Flanders Family Book.  Their 1st child (Jacob 1689 m to Mercy Clough had 13 children.  The 10th child Philip (m to Mary___ Martin) 23 Oct 1753 (pg 89 Flanders Family book and Vital records of Salisbury Mass to end of year 1849).  Philip was killed in the Crown Point War 1 Nov 1758 (age 28), 5 years after marriage (pg 89 Flanders Family book and 172 History of Merrimack County).  Son Philip (minor above 14 years) was assigned to Stephen Call (guardian) 3 Jun 1773.  This Philip enlisted 1 Jan 1777 as Continental Soldier and discharged 1 Jan 1782 after serving 5 years in army (pg 175 Boscowen History, Merrimack County).  IF HE MARRIED AND HAD SON PHILIP, IT WOULD BE PHILIP 3RD – thus date for him marrying Eunice Eastman 19 May 1776 would show him appx 19 years of age and her at 20 years of age.  YES, POSSIBLE.  Warner and Hopkinton in Merrimac County is an accurate location.  (Green line on my chart) Highest possibility!

 3.       Steven and Jane Flanders’ Child #7 (Corporal John Flanders b.11 Dec 1658) had 9 children (m to Elizabeth Sargeant). Their 6th child Philip Jr. 19 Oct 1702 (m to Abigail French) had 3 children, all died in infancy, and adopted a 4th from Henry and Rhoda Osgood which they named Philip  (18 Aug 1757).  He was blessed South Hampton Church Vol 53).  If this Philip married Eunice Eastman he would be 19 years old at time of their marriage and he could have listed his name as Philip 3rd.   YES, POSSIBLE.  Property records show all transactions in Salisbury and South Hampton – thus location may not be accurate.  (Blue line on my chart)

 4.       Steven and Jane Flanders’ Child # 7 (Corporal John Flanders b.11 Dec 1658) had 9 children, married to Elizabeth Sargent.  Their 2nd child Lieutenant John (b.1691) married Sarah Prince and they had 9 children – with Philip (the youngest b. 13 Apr 1739) who married Ruth Gretchel 1 Jan 1759.  From South Hampton.  MOST LIKELY NOT THIS LINE  (Red line on my chart)


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