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Taken from book - NEW ENGLAND FAMILIES, GENEALOGICAL AND MEMORIAL, a Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of Commonwealth
and the Founding of a Nation
(Book 3 or 4 books in this series)  Pages 1404-1405

Stephen Flanders, immigrant ancestor of all of the colonial families of this name in Massachusetts and Maine, and possibly of the whole country, was born in England about 1620.  He was a pioneer in Salisbury, Massachusetts, as early as 1640, and a proprietor of that town from 1646 to 1677.  He married Jane ______, who died November 19, 1683.  He died June 27, 1684.  His will was proved September 30, 1684, bequeathing to his eldest son STEPHEN, to daughters Mary, Naomi and Sarah, and to grandchild, Thomas Flanders, the residue being left to sons PHILIP and JOHN.

Children of Stephen and Jane:

A.  MARY died May 4, 1650

B.  STEPHEN was born in Salisbury Massachusetts, March 8, 1646, died October 6, 1744, aged 98 years, 6 months, and 26 days.  He married, December 28 1669, ABIGAIL CARTER, born February 22, 1653, daughter of Thomas and Mary Carter.  Children born at Salisbury:  Thomas, February 17, 1671, died April 1 1672; Stephen, January 31, 1672, married Sarah Blaisdell; Thomas December 3, 1673, married, March 8, 1711, Catherine Hackett; Daniel, March 16, 1676; Joseph, March 28, 1677; PHILIP (see below in blue), Jane, March 1684, married John Martin; Jeremiah, September 1686, married Mary Hayes; Abigail born October 1688, married Jabez Page.

PHILIP, son of Stephen Flanders 2nd was born in Salisbury, January 8, 1681.  He married, February 2, 1710 Joanna Smith.  They settled at Kingston, New Hampshire.  Their children:  Sarah, born November 16, 1710;  PHILIP (see below in red), Zipporah, March 4, 1716; Joanna, May 20, 1719, Abigail, August 15, 1722; Richard, April 6, 1727, June 29, 1728.

PHILIP, son of PHILIP, son of STEPHEN, son of STEPHEN Flanders was born at Kingston or Salisbury, March 13, 1713.  He married October 1735, Hannah Morrill.  Their children:  Sarah born 1736, James 1739, Daniel, Ezra born 1743, PHILIP (1746 see below in purple); Christopher was born in Kingston or Hawke, New Hampshire.  He served in the revolution of the Lexington Alarm, marching from New Ipswich (see Revolutionary Rolls, NH State Papers xiv, pg 34).  The history of Warner says:  "Christopher Flanders, brother of James, came from Hawke, New Hampshire, remained a few years and removed to Canada" (pg 93).  He may have lived at Sutton, New Hampshire for a time, after leaving Warner.  He settled finally in the providence of Quebec, Canada.

The family settled at Hawke, now Dansville, New Hampshire, and many of them went to Warner, New Hampshire.  The history of Warner says:  "Daniel Flanders came from Hawke, now Danville, and lived in the lower village near the Henry B Chase house.  He was Warner's first town clerk.  His farm extended across the river and the lightning struck one of his trees near the Hutchinson place, broke it down and shivered it in pieces.  Flanders hauled it home for firewood and in doing this stuck a sliver into his hand.  He got cold in this slight wound and died.  From that circumstance, most of the people believed that the electric fluid poisons the wood and that a scratch from a splinter of such a tree is sure death.

PHILIP, son of Christopher Flanders, was born about 1790, probably at Warner, New Hampshire.  He settled at Hatley, province of Quebec, Canada.  He married Lydia Hall.  Children:  Craig, George, Hiram, Seth, Mary and Amanda. 

James Flanders from Hawke, now Danville, also came to Warner.  He was a farmer and cordwainer and for 8-10 years a State senator and a leading citizen.  He had sons Calvin, Abner, Ezra, PHILIP and Timothy (pg 250 Warner).

PHILIP  Flanders, was from Hawke, a brother of Daniel (who came to Warner with him) and to James and Christopher (who came afterward).  Philip settled where the symmetrical elm tree now stands, it being the first place on the Schoodac Road.  He was the father of MAJOR PHILIP, who lived on the Pine Plain and who is yet remembered by a majority of the people of Warner.

There was another family distantly related that also settled in Warner.  Zebulon Flanders of South Hampton, married Hannah French, of Kingston and settled where Captain Timothy and Walter M. Flanders afterward lived.  His children were:  Nathaniel, Ezekiel, Zebulon, Benjamin F, Timothy, Hannah, Job and Washington.  Hawke was formerly part of Kingston, New Hampshire.

Isaiah Flanders, another settler in Warner, was from South Hampton, and had daughters who married Nehemiah Ordway, _________ Dike, and _________Tewksbury.

Moses Flanders, of Warner, Zebulon's brother, had sons Ezekiel, Amos, John and Colonel William G. Flanders.

In the Census 1790 we find the following Flanders reported from Warner, s heads of families:  James, PHILIP, Christopher (who had 2 males under 16 and 3 females in his family), Zebulon, PHILIP JR, Moses, Isaiah and Hopk (Hopkins probably).

This picture is the final page of Flanders in this book.  I did not type it all in - as it is extended family, but want it here for the record to be complete:

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